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Case Studies

The Baird Generational Wealth Group acts as a sounding board to help our clients answer a variety of questions related to their financial situations.

We use our experience and expertise to offer guidance. These might be questions that you are asking yourself right now. 

framed painting of steer

I need to get rolling on some estate planning. What should I do?

A client in Texas was contemplating the potential for a significant liquidity event with his business in a few years.

framed painting of house

Should I set up a family office?

A Los Angeles-based client sold his apparel business to a private equity firm, although he rolled a portion of his equity back into the business and continued as CEO.

framed painting of golf course

Should I do anything differently with my investment portfolio?

A Naples, Florida-based client had sold his business and retired before he turned 50.

framed painting of boat

How will a new boat affect my cash flow?

A long-time Miami-based client had a significant liquidity event with the sale of his business.

framed painting of bookshelf

Do you think my children will want my rare book collection?

A Chicago-based client had a passion for collecting rare books.

framed painting of jetskis

What is our biggest risk?

In one of our first meetings with an Atlanta-based couple, after we finished reviewing their balance sheet, they asked, “What is our biggest risk?”

Case studies offered for illustrative purposes only. Specific outcomes may vary and are not guaranteed.